Debt Recovery Calculator: Check Savings Potential

Regularly reviewing current loans with the rescheduling calculator can effectively leverage the sustained interest rate low to save on financing costs. The result shows quickly and clearly which banks currently offer which conditions. To take advantage of it, only a few steps are necessary.


Enter data and start rescheduling calculator

Enter data and start rescheduling calculator

The constantly changing financing conditions can be skilfully exploited to save neatly with a clever rescheduling under the line. The ongoing low-interest phase in particular opens up interesting potential on a regular basis, which can be exploited effectively with a little effort. For the first orientation, it is sufficient to enter the outstanding loan amount, the desired term and the intended purpose. This should definitely be “rescheduling” be chosen because with this requirement, the remaining liquidity can be correctly estimated. As a result, a list of the current loan offers from reputable domestic and foreign banks is shown, which initially refer to a standard customer.


Compare conditions in detail

Important points of reference are, on the one hand, the valuations in which the customer opinions on different aspects of the lending process are incorporated, and, on the other hand, the representative sample calculations. There, in addition to the nominal, the decisive annual percentage rate, but also the processing fees and the total expenses are listed. A distinction must be made between the offers with fixed interest rates and the specified interest margins. If borrowers can rely on fixed-interest rates to agree on the interest rate when they approve a loan, the final conditions for variable interest rates depend on personal creditworthiness. The rescheduling calculator therefore shows the total spread and an example of calculation with the interest rate most frequently determined.


Accept offer from rescheduling calculator and save money

loan process

For the individual offers, the rescheduling calculator contains further important details, such as the basic acceptance guidelines and the most important key data. The application is very easy, all necessary documents are simply provided by upload or post. With the convenient Postident procedure, all the requirements of the Money Laundering Act can also be fulfilled when applying online. Once the credit check is completed, the requested money will be paid into the current account to make the replacement of the current loan easy by bank transfer. The rescheduling calculator thus contains everything necessary to optimize your own finances. For clever savvy foxes, the current low-interest phase is predestined to achieve a large effect with little effort. Further information on the repayment of loans can be found here.