The 5 types of financial profile. What is your?

The Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities has launched a study and found that the majority of the Brazilian population is divided between having control over their finances and those that give a “knack” in the time to pay their debts, among the categories of 5 types of financial profile. Were you curious to know what they are? See also:

  • The builder


30% of interviewees: This group is characterized by people with a profile consistent with their money and who do not fall into temptation and buy things to impulse. They are perfect in controlling your budget.

  • The Chameleon

29% of those interviewed: these people do not “see” the salary leaving, meaning all their money is already earmarked, so do not spare anything.

  • The Planner

22% of respondents: they are people who think long term and relate money with the pleasure of achieving dreams, so they are strong competitors and do everything to achieve their goals.

  • The carefree

    The carefree

11% of respondents: as the name suggests, these people do not stress when it comes to money and spend without thinking. However, this does not mean that they are bad payers, but that they enjoy spending and do not create bonds with money.

  • The dreamer

6% of respondents: the national minority fits this profile. They are defined as “restless” people because they know the importance of having money to win their dreams, but do not believe that saving is the way to do so. These people often have daily habits that make them spend unnoticed, when they could save and earn a lot.

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